Saveathon Makes Saving Money Easy & Fun!

Although it might sometimes feel like running a marathon when you are trying to save money, it really isn't hard once you have the tools you need. was created to be right there beside you on your journey to saving, and we will give you meaningful tips and tools to help meet your goals.


The First Step to Saving is Getting Rid of High Interest Debt

It is hard to save money if you have a lot of debt. And the first principal of Saving Money 101 is to get rid of as much of your high interest debt - like credit cards - as quickly as possible. However, at, we also know that you don't have to be completely debt-free in order to contribute to your savings. So as with any big project, you just start with baby steps - and that's where we come in.


Saveathon will give you tips and pointers on how to reach your goal, tell you what works and what doesn't, and we will even give you reviews and ratings on products in the financial marketplace. And we will help you sort through which offers are scams and which ones are right for you.


So get ready to tighten your belt and start saving! Don't worry - Saveathon doesn't expect you to do it alone. We will be there every step of the way until you cross the finish line!